Managed Services

We are setup to manage your entire technology infrastructure end-to-end-to-end.  We have some of the best strategic partners that excel in their own niche, so why re-invent the wheel?  To you, the integration is seamless, to the support teams it is efficient and collaborative, to your staff it is a dream come true.  Book now for a Business Continuity Review and stop worrying about the what-ifs and unknowns.

Endpoint Management

How many devices are allowed to access your corporate data?  Are they running the latest security patches, anti-virus and software so that they can keep your users productive? When will Brian’s hard drive fail? If it does, is it under warranty?

These are the types of questions that can be answered with Endpoint Management.  While this service is included with many of our Managed Services packages, not everyone needs the full package.  This is geared more companies with IT staff on the payroll.  We can provide the tools to keep the devices secure and highly manageable.

Help Desk

When users get stuck our help desk team is just a call or email away. With remote access, industry leading tools and an experienced team behind them, they will get your team back on top. While this team is designed to resolve 96% of helpdesk tickets, those 4% (Tier 3/4) get resolved much more effectively due to the troubleshooting and escalation process. This is a service that is included with our premium managed package, but we are happy to offer it as a stand-alone service.


You cannot specialize in connectivity if you do not monitor your work. We want to know that a server or network component is having a problem before you do. Our security team needs to know if your website is up or if this is a sign of an attack. Our NOC team needs to know if a SAS drive is showing signs of failure that could take down your server(s). If it can be monitored, we can do it.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

This is a unique service that is included with several of our packages. This is a forward-thinking role that gathers information from every corner of your business to make sure that your solutions are working for you.

Why do we always have problems with this computer? Why does our accounting staff has to enter transactions into our ERP system and in the accounting system? Everything is so slow!

As your Virtual Chief Information Officer, it is our responsibility to find the bottleneck and provide a solution.


Edge to Edge is a good start, but security has evolved to become a cornerstone of information technology. Check out the link below or use your favorite engine to search “NIST Cybersecurity Framework”.

There are so many options out there and different assets you have to protect, we are not trying to talk you out of going at it alone, but we are trying to talk you out of going at it alone. We offer consulting services that can give you a 3rd party look even if you already have IT staff in place.


Infrastructure is often neglected and in many cases is the reason the printer does not function correctly or internet traffic is slow. From your workstation, there are at least 7 points of failure before you even touch the internet and do not get us started on WiFi.

Connectivity. It is in our name and at the core of what we do. Let us review, certify, and secure your network.

Business Continuity

This is a relatively new phrase in the IT industry, but it really is the wrapper for the whole package. This started out as a question, “What would you do in the event of…?”. What would you do? What do your co-workers do? Who do you call?

Business Continuity from our perspective is what can we do to foresee problems and mitigate against them. If your server dies, is the data backed up and how quickly can the services be restored? What is your tolerance for downtime? What happens if you are a victim of a cyber-attack? When should you call the police? When should you tell your staff and clients? How do we recover from this?

Let’s schedule a review now and develop a Business Continuity Plan for your team!

License/Subscription Management

You come in Monday morning and email is not working. 8:15AM you get a text from a vendor saying that the order form on your website is down. 8:22AM you get a call asking if you are still in business because your email keeps bouncing back. What is going on?

Someone forgot to renew your domain name and it expired. Let us help your business avoid these issues by managing the subscriptions for you.

  • Domain/hosting Registration
  • SSL Cert renewals
  • Microsoft 365
  • Server and Workstation licenses
  • 3rd Party Subscriptions
  • Gateway Security
  • Vendor Subscriptions


With all the automation in the world, you still have maintenance tasks that need to be performed and tracked. This is a service that sets us apart from our competition. Ask us how.

Consulting Services

Forensic Auditing

If your business experienced a breach, hack, or attack, you need an experienced team to identify what happened and how to prevent it in the future.  Our team leverages many different tools and technologies to rebuild the timeline of the event to identify where points of failure hide.

Hackers are breaking the systems for profit. Before, it was about intellectual curiosity and pursuit of knowledge and thrill, and now hacking is big business.

-Kevin Mitnick

Penetration Testing

What can the world see and how would they get in?  What would they do? These are terrifying questions that we have demonstrable answers to.  We have the tools that the hackers use and our team monitors dark web activity every day.  Let us poke and prod on your network to generate a report on what areas need attention!

Online Presence Audit

Can new clients find you and make contact?  Are search engines indexing your page? Are you interacting with Social Media? Are personal accounts affecting your reputation? Do you have an online use policy or how your management team might respond to doxing?  Let’s talk.  This is important these days if you rely on the internet for the success of your business.

Expert Witness

Sometimes we find ourselves in a court room presenting commonly misunderstood technology.  We have decades of experience implementing, repairing and developing solutions…we are the experts.  Don’t trust the ruling to just any geek.  You want our geeks.

Workflow Study

Do you have a feeling that technology could allow your team to be more efficient but have no idea where to start?  We will discover and study your processes so that we can help implement more effective solutions.

Technical Assessment

This can be a daunting task to complete for any team, that’s why made this a core component of our service platform. Documenting IP addresses and credentials is just the start. We document the entire workflow, solutions and staff involved, vendor involvement and more. Book a consult with our team today and get ahead of the competition!

Emergency Response

Your accounts payable staff may not like us, but we have your back.  Emergencies are time sensitive, and the correct response could be the deciding factor on how your team survives the incident.  We are your 911 of technology.

Other Services


Procurement can be a very intimidating task for anyone. Will this cheaper computer last as long or will is slow my team down? Do I choose professional license? What is a CAL anyways? The wrong selections can cost your business a lot of money and even open you up to risks you do not even know about. Therefor technology procurement is built into our management services. We understand what ROI is and we know how to achieve success.


Projects come in all shapes and sizes.  Are you ready to manage development, communications, life-cycle, licensing, vendor access, data migration, assets, procurement, deployment, training, eWaste, data destruction, etc. all while continuing your day-to-day responsibilities?  We are.  Our team will make you look like a rock-star while you pass on the updates and reports.


Where can you dispose of that mountain of computers you have stored in the utility closet?  The dumpster or landfill is not the place for it and could open your company up to EPA fines. With best practice life cycles ranging from 3-6 years, technology generates an enormous amount of waste that can contain heavy metals, acids, and other materials that need to be disposed of responsibly.  Our team knows what to look for and how to decommission your old equipment properly.

Data Recovery

If this term is on your radar, you understand how delicate this process can be.  Call us sooner than later and we will do everything we can to get this data back! Regardless if your thumb drive was destroyed or an old server finally bit the dust, our highly experienced recovery team is ready to work their magic.

Thumb DrivesFlash StorageMobile Devices
Encrypted FilesCloud Recovery Other Storage Solutions


We have a special philosophy that we use for documentation, and we take pride in it. Connectiv IT is changing the game and you are going to love it.

Training and Education

A harsh reality in today’s business world is that end users are the single most dangerous threat to success. Only in rare occasions do they have ill intent, but “phishing” and “social engineering” are huge buzzwords in the industry because they work. SPAM Filters and Antivirus can only protect against so much, so we must rely on continuous training to make sure that companies’ policies and users are ready of all types of threats.